Rules and Regulations

Passion League – Rules and Regulations:

General rules and regulations

  1. All new players who are registering will start at the lowest division and at the lowest rank within that division. They have to play and work their way up the ladder by successfully challenging higher ranked opponents in the same division.
  2. By joining the league, all players agree to share their personal details such as Full name, picture, contact email and contact number to other players who they are playing with in the league. All players may be required to produce valid ID and Age proof at the time of registration.
  3. The league is only meant for amateur players who play for their passion and not for professional players who play for their livelihood. No current senior state ranked and senior national ranked players allowed.
  4. A player can challenge another player up to 5 ranks above / below them in the league in the same division. The winner of the match gets 3 points and the loser gets 1 point. Based on the points, the ladder ranking gets refreshed every day.
  5. The player who does not turn up to the venue after mutual confirmation of the match is treated as forfeiting the match and gets 0 points.
  6. The challenged player has to play the match within 7 days of receiving the challenge (inclusive of the 3 days for responding to the challenge).
  7. The player challenged has the preference to choose where to play. If there is no home venue or preference for the challenged player then Passion League team will suggest a neutral venue. The venue booking charges will have to be shared by both the players.
  8. If either player of the challenge match has access to a club then any guest usage / entry charges applicable for the other player who is coming as a guest as applicable will be shared by both the players.
  9. If either player fails to show up within 10 minutes of start of the scheduled match time, then the player who is waiting at the venue will win the challenge by forfeit.
  10. In case the match had to be halted due to unforeseen circumstances such as time running out, power failure, etc.. then the playing leading so far in the match by virtue of points scored is deemed to have won the match. If the match had to be halted due to player injury then the injured player has lost the match.
  11. If the challenger lost the match, then they can not re-challenge the same opponent. However, they can immediately challenge another opponent within 5 ranks above them.
  12. Generally the winner is expected to submit the match results into the system. This needs to be done within 2 days of the match being played. If the match result is not submitted within this time, then the match would have deemed to be cancelled and there will be no change in rankings.
  13. At the end of the season, top 25% of each division will move to the next higher division for next season. The bottom 25% of each division will move to the next lower division for next season.
  14. The top four players of each division will be invited by Passion League team to the season finale tournament to decide the semi-finals and finals. This event will be conducted by Passion League with no cost to the players. The entry criteria for this event is that the players should have played atleast 3 league challenges that season.
  15. One player can be playing as only one entry per category. This means a player can not enter in the doubles category with different partners. Only a unique partner need to be chosen by that player for the season for that category. However the player can enter into multiple categories such as Mens Singles, Mens Doubles, Mens 35+ Singles, Mixed Doubles, etc..
  16. New players will be allowed to join the bottom division of the league only until middle of the season. For example for the Dec to Feb season, we allow new players until 15 Jan 2105.
  17. All players agree to abide by the rules of the game and play with sportsmanship and the spirit of sports. In the absence of a chair umpire the players are expected to play fair and respect their opponents. One can appeal to Passion League team against a player for violation of rules or the spirit of the sport. In case of two appeals received against a player, that player will be disqualified from the league.
  18. The organisers reserve the right to structure the divisions as they feel would be best suited as per the number of players enrolled. The divisions could be either based on geography or past performance or both. Minimum number of players are always required to be able to confirm the division or category for the season, failing which organisers might combine or cancel the respective division or category.

Badminton Rules and Regulations:

  1. All matches will be played on indoor courts only either on wooden or synthetic surface only.
  2. All BWF rules and guidelines apply.
  3. All matches will be played for best of 3 games. Each game consists of 21 points in “point per rally” system.
  4. Yonex 350 or comparable nylon shuttles as mutually agreed by both players will be used for the matches.

Table Tennis Rules and Regulations:

  1. All ITTF rules and guidelines apply.
  2. All categories will be played for best of 5 games.
  3. Each game consists of 11 points in “point per rally” system.
  4. Orange / White 40mm balls will be used for the matches.

Lawn Tennis Rules and Regulations:

  1. All matches will be played for one set – best of 15 games (first to reach 8 games will win).
  2. Deuce and Advantage scoring applicable. Tie-break applicable for if the score is 7-7.
  3. All ITF rules and guidelines apply.

Squash Rules and Regulations:

  1. Mens Singles will be played for best of 5 games and womens singles will be played for best of 3 games
  2. Each game consists of 11 points in “point per rally” system.
  3. Double Dot black squash balls will be used for the matches.