Season 5 - Division 1


10 Apr 2017


Bangalore, Karnataka

About The Event

Leagues will have various categories and each category can have multiple divisions based on number of participants. Each division will have a ranking of players. One can challenge players ranked above them and gain points on winning the challenges. Passion League team ensures that all the players get constantly challenged and get necessary support in arranging their matches. The player with most points will be on top of the league ranking. <p>Season for the league is 3 months duration. The top 4 players in a division play the season finale tournament, where the winners and runners-up will be awarded with trophies and prizes. The top 25% of the division also get rewarded by moving up a division for the next season.</p>



We want to keep between 6 to 14 players in each division. So potentially, one can play between 5 to 13 matches for that season. Passion League team will constantly be encouraging all players to challenge each other and in setting up the matches every few days so that the action never stops.
The idea of the monthly open house is that any member can just come and play at a neutral venue booked by Passion League team. One can play their league matches with other members who turn up to the event. This is also an opportunity to socialise and meet other players. We try to conduct open houses at a different venue each time to suit different parts of the city. The cost of the venue booking will be shared by all attendees


Contact Person

Phone Number

9632099333 / 98862822200



Passion League is an initiative by two sports management firms based out of Bangalore viz. Coach Direct and Stepout2Play . Both firms share a common vision to promote sports as a healthy lifestyle alternative to all, and not just to professional players